life's sick. in so many ways.

lost in daydreams. addicted to music. fascinated but dragged down by life all the same.

just your average 27-year-old girl, i guess.


Oceanus by ThemePirate

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— Hafiz (via unmaiden)

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you-cast-a-long-shadow said: Hi, I'm not going to be in Korea until mid-November, are you heading there soon?

i am indeed! gonna arrive october 3rd, staying for a week :) so excited!

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If it would make you comfortable
I’d jump out of this tree.
Or maybe we could get married and be happy.

These few words could be the last we ever speak.
Do you think, maybe, you could love me or like me, maybe?
Maybe you’d look at me, you’d talk to me.
We could marry, live in this tree.

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Hand Type by Raul Alejandro

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…since i posted on here. mainly cause i was busy but also i wasn’t interested, ha! i’ll be back on my traveling blog starting next week as i’m travelling asia again. for those interested:

other than that, i might post some stupid rants again. or just reblog what’s in my drafts ;)

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Photographer Tim Carter captured these adorable images of this Red Fox playing, stretching and sleeping in the snow. 


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