life's sick. in so many ways.

lost in daydreams. addicted to music. fascinated but dragged down by life all the same.

just your average 27-year-old girl, i guess.


Oceanus by ThemePirate

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Photographer Tim Carter captured these adorable images of this Red Fox playing, stretching and sleeping in the snow. 


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Please be kidding.

(This is why we can’t have nice things.)

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the best though.

the best though.

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I’ve started this blog exactly two years ago. for various reasons. actually, i have no idea why i still run it. i hardly ever post. i don’t gain much followers - which was never my intention anyway… but then again, why even bother? why waste my time on this?
i tell you why: it’s a different way of keeping a diary. somehow, sharing my thoughts with people i’ve never met (and sometimes maybe with no one at all) keeps me sane. it’s all about letting out what you can’t or don’t want to keep deep inside anymore. and in the end, therefore kinda letting go too.

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"millions of flower petals erupt from a volcano, covering an entire village"

how on earth

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view from my window. no filter.

view from my window. no filter.

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i guess sometimes you just gotta let go. of people. of places. of the idea of being loved.

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